college will make u a hyper intellectual hoe


KIDS REACT TO existentialism and the inevitability of death

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  • A - If I'm in love.
  • B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was.
  • C - How long it's been since I've kissed.
  • D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.
  • E - How many holes I have in my ears.
  • F - Give me any options, like 'hot or cold?'
  • G - The last person I said 'I love you' to.
  • H - The last person I hugged.
  • I - The last time I felt jealous, and why.
  • J - Are you insecure. What about?
  • K - What my full name is.
  • L - If I have siblings.
  • M - If I forgive betrayal.
  • N - If you want to know how I treat my friends.
  • O - If I like my school.
  • P - What kind of music I like.
  • Q - What the last party I went to was, and when the next will be.
  • R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.
  • S - 2 habits.
  • T - 5 things I love unconditionally.
  • U - How many texts I send daily.
  • V - 3 big dreams.
  • W - An idol.
  • X - If I've done something I regret very much.
  • Y - If I like my town and why.
  • Z - Ask any question you want.


 ハイラら by PAUL BEARER !

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No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (via rebootsociety)

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There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it. Judith McNaught, Remember When  (via seulray)

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Life is just one long series of deep breaths

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i just realized that the guys i’ve made out with are of entirely different nationalities: pakistani, australian, british, and american

(the british and american happened yesterday and today and also i kissed my roommate last week as a dare and she’s american but she’s not part of the 4 guys) 

also i don’t like making out with people who aren’t like a specific kind of attractive and it sucks coz i don’t get to enjoy it as much unless i’m super drunk so idk maybe I’m demi sexual 



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